Day 19 | Flotilla to Alaska | Foggy Bay to Ketchikan

We had a beautiful cruise this morning from Foggy Bay into Ketchikan.

Sun!! Blue sky!!

It’s always a bit of a shock arriving into Ketchikan after being in such quiet, remote areas for several weeks. Today was no exception. Ketchikan was host to FIVE cruise ships when we arrived — four at the cruise ship berths and one anchored out in the channel.

When we called the Ketchikan customs office yesterday and got permission to stop in Foggy Bay (Alaska) for the night (from Canada, without clearing customs first), they instructed us to call when we arrived in Ketchikan and tell them where we were. We called before we approached the fuel dock and let them know we’d arrived, answered a few questions (“Anything to declare? What’s your next stop after Ketchikan?”) and they basically said thanks, welcome to Alaska, have a nice stay. We stopped at Petro Marine for fuel, dinghy gas, and propane, then headed onto Bar Harbor South where we all found space fairly close to one another. Next it was time to stretch our legs with a nice long walk into town and back…twice! (Once for some sightseeing and walking for walking’s sake, then back a few hours later for dinner.)

Creek Street looking colorful
Snow on the mountains behind town
Ketchikan wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the Arctic Bar for one of Paula’s famous Bloody Marys. Well, for some people it would…but we think it’s an interesting, colorful stop.

The group met back in town for dinner at the Bar Harbor Restaurant. Everyone seems pretty happy to have time for some walking, bike riding, and chores (laundry, grocery shopping, and picking up all the packages we had sent to Frontier Shipping!) Sometimes it’s just nice to be on land for a couple days.

We were hoping to get over to Kasaan on Saturday, but the weather is looking terrible (SE gale to 35 knots gusting to 45 knots. Seas 7-8 feet. Rain.) Sunday sounds much better (SE wind 15 knots. Seas 3 feet.), so we plan to stay an extra day in Ketchikan and go on Sunday.

Today’s total: 37.2 nautical miles, 5 hours 9 minutes
Flotilla total: 690.0 nautical miles, 94 hours underway