Day 9 | Flotilla to Alaska | Fury Cove to Pruth Bay

The group was up early this morning and opted to depart Fury Cove at 7:00 a.m., rather than the “Hey let’s sleep in and leave at 9” decision we chatted about last night at dinner. I guess it’s tough not to leave with conditions like this (note the still-present fog bank out on Fitz Hugh Sound):

Conditions out on Fitz Hugh were calm (and foggy), the cruise was on the shorter side (21nm or so). There’s much to see and do at Pruth Bay — hiking trails, white sandy beaches, so really, why wait? (Also, Dan was hoping to get out and do some fishing in Hakai Passage!)

Foggy cruise until we turned into Kwakshua Channel

We saw a couple humpbacks though the fog before turning into Kwakshua Channel…a mama with a calf. Airship and Cassidy peeled off to get a better look, but Ralph on Rhapsody had already gotten the best view…a breach!!

MV Cassidy, looking for whales

After everyone was in and anchored Kevin took the drone up for some aerial shots.

We’re anchored in about 60 feet

Next we all headed into the dinghy dock of the Hakai Beach Institute to use the internet for a few minutes, and make use of the fabulous trails out to the beaches.

Hakai Institute is a beautiful and well-maintained facility doing eco-research. They are very generous with visiting boaters, providing guest WiFi, well-groomed and maintained hiking trails, and a nice dinghy landing dock. A group of us went ashore, signed the guest book, and followed the (mostly boardwalk) trail to West Beach.

West Beach end of the trail
Drone shot of us walking on the white sand beach, West Beach

Seaweed still life

Our weather was gorgeous and sunny, and after exploring West Beach for awhile we took the somewhat-steeper but equally well-maintained trail from there across to North Beach. The trail includes boardwalks, bridges, stairs, and rope assists across hills and ponds on its way to the gorgeous North Beach. Once there, we were alone on a remote beach watching Pacific swells crash on rocky islets while bald eagles circled overhead.

North Beach trail marker at the end of West Beach
More white sand!
Cassidy builds a driftwood castle
Lily pads in the marsh

We gathered for dinner on the Airship/Safe Harbour raft. Earlier in the afternoon Dan went out fishing and caught a good-sized ling cod and a black rockfish that he generously shared for some delicious fish tacos. Sides: Mexican rice, potato and red pepper taco filling (for those who don’t eat fish), salsa, cheese, and some homemade guacamole.

Laura’s Guacamole

Ripe avocados
Diced jalapeño
Diced shallot
Juice of a lime or two, plus a little lemon if it needs more citrus
Roasted garlic powder
Sea salt

Mix ingredients together in bowl and serve with fresh fish tacos and/or tortilla chips.


Today: 21.2nm, 2 hours 51 minutes
Flotilla total: 337.2 nautical miles, 46 hours 36 minutes underway

That little jog in our course line is where we saw the humpbacks.