Circumnavigating Vancouver Island Flotilla | Day 8 | Port Alexander to Bull Harbour

After two nights at Port Alexander, we were ready to move on. The weather at Cape Scott still was a bit bumpier than we’d prefer, so we made the short trip to Bull Harbour. The next day looked better. In fact, the next day looked like the beginning of four days of light winds on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island. Perfect!

Bull Harbour is the last good, all-weather anchorage before rounding Cape Scott. It’s a pretty spot, with sea stacks and sea caves at the entrance, dramatic bluffs, and a spacious, easy anchorage. Ashore, the land belongs to the Tlatalsikwala Native Band and they request that visitors obtain permission before going ashore. Last time, nobody responded to our radio calls, so we stayed on the boats. This time, someone said we were welcome to come ashore, so off we went!

Sam, Linda, and Vince (with their pups Timmy and Katie)

A sign says that landing and anchorage fees are in effect, but nobody asked for money.

We walked along a primitive road to a beach along Roller Bay, where we watched swells crash ashore.

The beach here is steep and composed mostly of rounded, golf ball sized rocks. Wandering on the beach we found flotsam from all over the world—a baby’s pacifier with Japanese writing, plastic bottles from North America, more plastic with Cyrillic writing. Both the ocean currents and plastic’s durability are impressive!

Sam took the drone up from the beach for some aerial shots…

…and then again later from his dinghy for a few more out at the entrance.

Kevin and Ralph went out in the afternoon to scare up a few more fish:

Later in the evening we all gathered on Safe Harbour/Airship for happy hour and to discuss the plan for tomorrow: Cape Scott!

Today’s route: 15.0 nautical miles, 2 hours 16 minutes underway
Flotilla total: 276.5 nautical miles, 38 hours 30 minutes underway