Day 5 | Alaska Flotilla Leg 4 | Punchbowl Cove to Foggy Bay

With our time in Southeast Alaska rapidly dwindling and a favorable weather forecast for Dixon Entrance tomorrow, we departed Punchbowl Cove this morning bound for Foggy Bay, a good jumping off point for Dixon Entrance. Along the way we passed New Eddystone Rock, a dramatic spire that rises more than 200 feet from the depths of Behm Canal. 

NOAA predicted 15 knot winds and 3 foot seas and inReach weather showed winds around 10mph. Not bad, right? We’ve found a NOAA forecast for 15 knots and 3 foot seas can be a non-event or rather uncomfortable depending on the day, and inReach wind velocities seem to be about half of what we usually experience. So, despite the good-sounding forecast, we thought it might be a little bumpy.

And it was. The wind was on the nose all day. As we exited Behm Canal the seas picked up. It was never that bad—15 knots and 3 foot was about right (maybe a few gusts to 20 and some 4 foot waves)—but there was lots of spray and the boats moved more than they have in many weeks.

A little wind chop didn’t deter the seiners!

The payoff, hopefully, will be a smooth Dixon Entrance crossing tomorrow. That’s what all the models show, and a few hours of pounding into chop is a small price to pay for a smooth trip across Dixon Entrance.

After anchoring, we launched the dinghies and headed for Very Inlet. When we explored Very Inlet on the trip north, the current at each of the rapids was flooding. This time it was ebbing, and they were considerably more tame than before.

Drifting through one of the rapids in Very Inlet

Today was Ralph’s birthday so we celebrated with dinner of jambalaya (with fresh prawns and andouille sausage), mac and cheese, salad, and brownies with Nutella. We made it an early night, since we’ll make our run for the border tomorrow at first light!