Day 5 | Flotilla to Alaska | Codville Lagoon to Bottleneck Inlet

After a few 5:00 a.m. departures, today’s “about 7:00 a.m.” departure felt luxurious. So luxurious that most of us, apparently now adjusted to early mornings, were underway well before 7. Today is as close to a lay day as we hope to have in Canada, with fewer than 60 nautical miles to travel in mostly calm water without super strong currents. We still had to pay attention, though. Logs were everywhere.

SO much wood in the water up here.
Dodging logs is like a video game (and great practice for dodging icebergs)

Near the mouth of Seaforth Channel we faced a choice: a slightly shorter but more exposed route through Milbanke Sound, or the longer-but-more-protected Reid Passage, Oscar Passage route. Conditions were fairly mild, so we took the most direct and exposed route. We had ocean swells for a couple hours and Dog Star got a chance to sail.

Akeeva, Bonito, and Dog Star in Seaforth Channel
Flotilla passing Ivory Island into Milbanke Sound
Ivory Island lightstation

Bottleneck Inlet is a favorite anchorage on this stretch of coast. It looks tiny on a chart and feels intimate inside, yet there’s room for at least a dozen boats. Great holding in moderate depths, too, which can be hard to find around here.

Dog Star arriving in Bottleneck Inlet
Akeeva and Bonito, from the flybridge of Airship
Dog Star and Rubicon in Bottleneck Inlet
Flotilla at anchor in Bottleneck Inlet
Looking back out to the entrance of Bottleneck Inlet

Tomorrow we have an early start, a long day, and hopefully some sunshine. It’s a beautiful cruise if we can see!

58.6nm today
376.3nm total