Day 21 | Flotilla to Alaska | Egg Harbor to Explorer Basin

After the bumpy pre-breakfast ride up Chatham Strait we were hungry, so we used the rest of the fresh crab we’d caught and made a crab eggs benedict brunch on Airship. So delicious!

Most of us just relaxed onboard instead of doing any big dinghy excursions since it was so windy out.

John and LuAnne got their kayaks out

We did an early easy happy hour on the raft, and everyone returned to their boats for whatever dinner they were still hungry for.

Dog Star arrived at about 6:00 p.m. (they sailed today, so quite a bit more distance than the rest of us, but 20kts on the strait gave them an exciting day of sailing). We expected they’d be tired when they arrived, so we dinghied over a plate of appetizers (bringing happy hour to them!). When we returned to the raft, Jason and Sam and Anna (okay mostly Jason) had embarked on Jellyfish Lab, using a long boat hook with a pitcher duct-taped to the end, and a clear acrylic square to use as a temporary aquarium, they were gathering tiny jellyfish for a closer look and some photos. We happily joined in, and got some fun photos to share:

34.7nm today
938.9nm total