Day 18 | Flotilla to Alaska | Ketchikan to Meyers Chuck

We were greeted with lovely weather this morning for our departure from Ketchikan on the way to Meyers Chuck. Great Escape stayed behind for a bit to wait for a part to be delivered, but the rest of the boats headed north.

Ralph on Rubicon made a dinghy airport run before he left (we’ll miss you Jeanette!!). The Ketchikan airport is on an island across from town, so it’s always fun to pick up or drop off guests at the airport via dinghy.

On our way out the narrow part of Revillagigedo Channel we met a cruise ship coming in. We gave her a wide berth.

Impulse deciding not to play chicken with the cruise ship

Meyers Chuck is a quaint little village with fun hiking trails, a post office, and a good dock. This time, there was a very tiny sailing ship greeting us as we approached the shore.

A tiny sailing vessel at anchor in Meyers Chuck
We thought we saw it tack and looked for its operator, but it really was just staying in one place
Boats on the dock at Meyers Chuck
Always picturesque Meyers Chuck

Cassy’s cinnamon rolls and cookies are always a must-do at Meyers Chuck. We placed our order in the evening for delivery early tomorrow morning. Now, apparently fresh eggs are available as well from the local boat Raven (too bad we’d all just stocked up in Ketchikan!)

We called Cassy to order a morning delivery of cinnamon rolls and some oatmeal cookies
Boats on the dock in Meyers Chuck

Several of us took the hiking trail through the village and out to the point. The tide was super low, which made exploring the beach fun.

Hiway to the left
Gorgeous flowering Laburnum tree along the trail to the beach
Gorgeous flowering Laburnum tree along the trail to the beach
This beach is so lovely
Meyers Chuck to the right, Clarence Strait to the left
Many cool rocks on this beach
Rust and rope remnant
Trail to the beach
The gallery was closed (and empty).
Community bulletin board at the top of the dock
Sunset in Meyers Chuck

We had happy hour on Impulse and went over the plan for tomorrow. The sunset was gorgeous!