Day 16-17 | Flotilla to Alaska | Foggy Bay to Ketchikan

We left our anchorage at Foggy Bay around low tide (a -2.8ft this morning!) and had a much skinnier exit than we did coming in at high tide. The shallowest we saw on the depth finder was 16ft,

Impulse at anchor in Foggy Bay
Looking out into Revillagigedo Channel
Skinny exit from Foggy Bay up ahead
Low tide shoreline
Great Escape following us out of Foggy Bay

The conditions in the channel were calm and the skies were brightening and it was so nice to have promise of better weather ahead!

Arriving in Ketchikan
So many cruise ships!
Ketchikan Harbor
Ketchikan shoreline with cruise ships

Our time in Ketchikan was spent doing chores, shopping, dining out, and exploring town. Several people upgraded their rain gear (which hopefully means we will have good weather from here on out!!)

Creek Street is a touristy but picturesque area of town (’19)
Beautiful weather at Bar Harbor marina

Tomorrow we’ll continue north. First stop: Meyers Chuck!