Day 3 | 2024 Flotilla to Alaska | Tribune Bay to Kanish Bay

Today was another long day — from Tribune Bay north to Kanish Bay (58nm). The only tricky part was that we needed to time our departure from Tribune Bay to we would arrive 6.5 hours later for slack at Seymour Narrows, which today was 3:46pm. We had a little current with us today, increasing as we approached Cape Mudge and Campbell River, and we transited the narrows about 15 minutes before slack with very little traffic.

Our destination, Kanish Bay, was about an hour further, and we arrived just before 5pm. The wind picked up considerably as we entered Discovery Passage, and at times was gusting to about 24kts. It was a choppy, salty ride!

Airship got out in the dinghy to make sure everyone was anchored and settled, and we all did dinner on our own after that. Ithaka, the Duffy 45 (who probably had the most salty ride today) anchored back in Small Inlet (which is why we don’t have a photo of them here). They picked a beautiful spot that was perhaps no less windy but for sure flatter than the anchorage closer to the larger body of water.

Two’s Out anchored in Kanish Bay
Melissa Lynn anchored in Kanish Bay
Sunset from anchor in Kanish Bay