Day 10 | West Side of Vancouver Island Flotilla | Columbia Cove to the Bunsby Islands

Life is good south of Brooks Peninsula! We awoke to a warm, sunny, calm morning. We only had a few miles to travel today, and although Checleset Bay is open to the ocean, the swells were gentle. We had a relaxing, short 9nm cruise over to the Bunsbys, so no one really rushed out too early this morning. Once in the Bunsbys, we all anchored in Scow Bay. The Bunsbys, … Read more

West Side of Vancouver Island Flotilla | Day 5 | Columbia Cove to the Bunsby Islands

Today’s cruise was a short one — only 8nm or so from Columbia Cove to the Bunsby Islands. We anchored in the northernmost (slightly larger) anchorage, then took the drone up for some quick aerials before going exploring. By dinghy, we found a small island with a nice landing beach so we went ashore and found some great tide pools! We saw quite a few of these in the intertidal. … Read more

Bunsby Islands | West Side of Vancouver Island

The Bunsby Islands are a group of islets and islands in Checleset Bay, just seven miles south of Columbia Cove. They’re popular among cruisers and kayakers, and for good reason. Within the group there are several well-protected anchorages, lots of shoreline to explore, white shell beaches, black silty beaches, lagoons, and beautiful views out to the Pacific and back towards Vancouver Island. The short cruise from Columbia Cove was delightful. … Read more