Day 31-32 | Appleton Cove to Couverden Island Cove

We got an early start–about 6:00 a.m.–for a longer-than-expected day to Couverden Island Cove. Originally we planned to go to Pavlof Harbor today, about 25 miles south of Couverden Island Cove. The weather forecast called for good traveling weather this morning, but worsening weather beginning in the afternoon and continuing for at least a day, so we decided to go a little further today to a super-secure anchorage and then … Read more

Day 26 | Flotilla to Alaska | Takatz Bay to Deep Bay

After a relaxing, wildlife-rich several days on the east coast of Baranof Island, today we motored eight hours towards Sitka, from Takatz Bay to Deep Bay. Our route leads to progressively smaller bodies of water, from huge Chatham Strait to Peril Strait, and eventually to Sergius Narrows, the bottleneck just west of Deep Bay that can only be transited near slack. Other than a couple photos of the gorgeous light … Read more

Day 22 | Flotilla to Alaska | Explorer Basin to Red Bluff Bay

As we exited Explorer Basin this morning, we found Chatham Strait FAR less bumpy than the previous day. Additionally, we were greeted by several groups of humpbacks feeding on the herring that were everywhere!! The herring balls were too prevalent and moved too quickly to be steered around, yet every time we drove through one we worried that a whale might surface and strike the boat. If you’ve been whale … Read more

Day 21 | Flotilla to Alaska | Egg Harbor to Explorer Basin

After the bumpy pre-breakfast ride up Chatham Strait we were hungry, so we used the rest of the fresh crab we’d caught and made a crab eggs benedict brunch on Airship. So delicious! Most of us just relaxed onboard instead of doing any big dinghy excursions since it was so windy out. We did an early easy happy hour on the raft, and everyone returned to their boats for whatever … Read more

Day 33 | Flotilla to Alaska | Takatz Bay to Deep Bay

Today’s cruise from Takatz Bay to Deep Bay was about 53nm. We had great weather again (getting so spoiled!) and the conditions in Chatham Strait were calm. We saw more traffic today than we’ve seen all summer…fish boats, charter yachts, cruise ships, a tug and tow, as well as a few other pleasure boats. We also saw a large number of Dall’s porpoises! They splashed and jumped and surfed our … Read more