Day 8 | Flotilla to Alaska | Rounding Cape Caution

Sunrise in Blunden Harbour

Rounding Cape Caution is often the least comfortable stretch of the entire Inside Passage. Ocean swells roll in, wind chop often builds by the afternoon, and strong currents can cause waves to stack up. And no matter which route you take, the seas are mostly on the beam.

We had a nearly perfect weather forecast, and when we woke up all the pertinent weather reporting stations looked great.

Last night’s new moon in Blunden Harbour

The crab traps we’d set out last night produced two big Dungeness crabs, which means crab dip tonight for happy hour!

The run up to Cape Caution was fantastic. The ebb slingshotted us out of Queen Charlotte Strait, and since there wasn’t much swell, conditions were totally comfortable.

Otters in Queen Charlotte Strait
Otters in Queen Charlotte Strait

North of Cape Caution, the fog lifted and the wind built. The last couple hours were bumpy, with about 20 knots of westerly wind and 2-3 foot chop. Not the most fun, but it didn’t last long.

We arrived in Fury Cove early in the afternoon. By mid-afternoon the clouds had burned off and the sun shone brightly.

Kevin took the Mavic Pro up for a few drone photos of the Fury Cove anchorage.

Dave and Bill from Orca Star, playing in the dinghy
Airship and Safe Harbour…the Slowboat raft!

We had happy hour on the white shell beach, then tacos back on the Safe Harbour/Airship raft.

A Manhattan (and a nap) on the beach

Today: 49.0 nautical miles, 5 hours 54 minutes
Flotilla total: 316.7 nautical miles, 44 hours 29 minutes

Today’s route from Blunden Harbour to Fury Cove: