Day 18 | Flotilla to Alaska | Thomas Bay to Pybus Bay

We awoke to patchy fog and low clouds in Thomas Bay and departed about 7:00 a.m. Even without yesterday’s sunshine, Thomas Bay is beautiful.

Quiet morning landscape as we leave Thomas Bay
Low fog in the trees at Thomas Bay

We forgot to mention…yesterday evening in Thomas Bay, Julie and David from Dog Star were out in their dinghy watching the shoreline and came across a group of arctic terns. They shared some photos with us to share on the blog!

Arctic Terns are known for their very long yearly migration. They travel from the Arctic (their breeding grounds) all the way south to Antarctica where they take advantage of the Antarctic summer, and their migration covers about 25,000 miles! Because of this long migration, they spend most of their lives in the air.

What a rare treat to get a closer look at these cool birds!

Back to today. Frederick Sound mostly cooperated. The current gave us a slight push much of the day, and the 10-15 knots of southeasterly wind didn’t make things too bumpy. It wasn’t glassy, but it wasn’t rough either. We hoped to see whales, but mostly struck out on that front.

Cannery Cove, in Pybus Bay is a perfect anchorage. Plenty of room, good holding, moderate depths, excellent protection, and also some of the most amazing scenery on the coast. Jagged peaks rise thousands of feet, snowfields and waterfalls abound, and wildlife is plentiful. Soon after we arrived we saw a few brown bears ashore.

John and LuAnne from Bonito watching two brown bears on shore in Cannery Cove
Brown Bears, Cannery Cove
Brown bears, Cannery Cove
The group anchored in Cannery Cove
Hard to complain about the view from Akeeva!

Cannery Cove also delivered on the crab front: huuuuuge Dungeness!

Definitely a keeper!

For dinner tonight on the raft, Laura’s brother, Jason, made a big pan of fried rice for the group (with crab for those who wanted crab fried rice), along with a spicy cucumber salad. Anna made scallion pancakes,  potstickers, and orange chicken, and Julie and David brought some sautéed green beans with garlic and ginger. Such a feast!

Crab fried rice, potstickers, scallion pancakes, green beans, cucumber salad

51.7nm today
804.4nm total