Day 25 | Flotilla to Alaska | Pybus Bay to Tracy Arm Cove

We awoke to bright sun streaming in through every window  and port light…a glorious morning in Cannery Cove!

Gorgeous morning light in Cannery Cove/Pybus Bay

Rubicon was pulling out just as we got up to take photos…they got an early start today to look for wildlife out by the Brothers Islands.

Rubicon leaving early to go look for wildlife
Great Escape and Impulse at anchor in Cannery Cove/Pybus Bay

The rest of the group headed out a little after 8:00a.m. and saw some wildlife along the way: sea otters (one with a baby on its belly!), Dall’s porpoises that surfed our bow for a bit, humpback spouts in the distance, and a colony of sea lions. Our cruise across Stephens Passage to the Tracy Arm bar was calm and uneventful (well, except for the wake from the Disney Wonder cruise ship that rocked us hard long after they passed…but nothing broke). 🙂

We anchored in Tracy Arm Cove, just inside Tracy Arm, and headed out in dinghies to get a closer look at some nearby icebergs.

Tracy Arm anchorage…Rubicon on the left, Great Escape on the right
Not a bad view from here!
Great Escape at anchor
Impulse at anchor

We saw a super blue iceberg quite a bit further away, but the trip out to it was worth it. Look at that color!

It had its own waterfall!

What a great introduction to this part of the trip! Tomorrow we’ll spend the day cruising up Tracy Arm hoping to get a look at North and/or South Sawyer Glaciers. We heard today that there was a fair amount of ice up the arm, so we’ll see. Ice conditions can change fast around here!