Airship | Wrangell to Petersburg

We left Wrangell early (6:30am) to take advantage of the current in Wrangell Narrows. Commercial crabbing season opened this morning so it was busy around here! The current flows both ways in Wrangell Narrows, so we timed it to enter the south end on the end of a flood, using the current boost to get us to the middle of the narrows at slack, and then got a nice push … Read more

Airship | Meyers Chuck to Wrangell

We left Meyers Chuck right after Cassy brought us warm cinnamon rolls. This is the first time we’ve ever lucked out on the cinnamon roll thing (worth it!). The first time in Meyers Chuck, we called but Cassy’s husband said she was out of town and we definitely didn’t want him to make ’em for us. The second time we were here, we were one of two pleasure boats on … Read more

Airship | Helm Bay to Meyers Chuck

It rained for a while this morning in Helm Bay, but when it stopped it was so still and quiet. After a little while, the sky cleared a little bit, the sun popped through, and it was just spectacular. Kevin fished off the dock a little bit with the new collapsible fishing rod with spinning reel that his mom bought him at Tongass Trading in Ketchikan while I made breakfast … Read more

Airship | More Misty Fjords

Kevin arrived back in Ketchikan after spending the week in Austin for work. He brought his mom back with him, and we’ll be showing her SE Alaska from Ketchikan to Petersburg this week. (I was really ready to get off the dock back out in nature again!) Our first stop after some sightseeing in Ketchikan (Creek Street, Saxman Totem Village, and dinner at the Bar Harbor Restaurant) was Walker Cove … Read more

Airship – Brace Yourself!

The weather in Ketchikan yesterday was pretty dramatic…but not for Ketchikan. It was raining sideways, and the wind was gusting to just over 40kts. Even “protected” between the mountains behind us and the cruise ship in front of us, we were getting gusts t0 40kts right here at city floats. We’d been working all morning here on Airship and decided we should go get some late lunch, so I thought I’d … Read more

Walker Cove

Airship to Alaska | Misty Fjords | Day 2

This morning we woke up early, made some coffee, and sat out on the bow watching bears. We decided we’d take a dinghy ride further around to the end of Walker Cove before pulling the crab traps this morning. It was early and quiet and the water was glassy still. (So nice to have the electric Torqeedo for these kinds of quiet expeditions, instead of the loud gasoline outboard!) Read … Read more


Airship | Misty Fjords | Day 1

On Thursday morning we left Ketchikan and headed for Misty Fjords. We didn’t get to Misty Fjords last year and since we were about a week early to Ketchikan…what better to do with that time? We thought we’d check out New Eddystone Rock first, and then decide where to anchor for the night. New Eddystone is pretty spectacular. It rises 230 feet high and looks like something out of a … Read more

Airship | Another Day in Ketchikan

We originally thought we’d leave town today and head around to Misty Fjords and Behm Canal, but we got focused working for quite a few hours this morning here on the boat and decided we’d wait and leave tomorrow morning instead. Around noon we took a break for lunch and a little exploring, and headed across the street to a very well-liked local spot called Burger Queen. It’s tiny, and … Read more