Day 38 | Flotilla to Alaska | Ford’s Terror to Juneau

We had the anchors up by 5:45a.m. this morning to make our way to the rapids for high slack, which we thought would be around 6:30a.m. The rapids cooperated nicely and we had an easy transit. Exiting Ford’s Terror and motoring out of Endicott Arm always feels a little deflating. On the way in, the views get progressively more impressive. On the way out, the sheer cliffs turn into steep, … Read more

Days 35 – 37 | Flotilla to Alaska | Tracy Arm Cove, Endicott Arm, Ford’s Terror

The weather during this flotilla hasn’t all been great, but when it has counted the most (in the most beautiful spots), the weather weather has cooperated unusually well. Few experiences during a summer cruise in Alaska rival visiting a tidewater glacier, and being able to do it on a sunny day is a huge bonus. Somehow, we lucked into wonderful weather for our trip up Endicott Arm and into Ford’s … Read more

Day 34 | Flotilla to Alaska | Taku Harbor to Tracy Arm Cove

We had a short cruise today, just 25nm from Taku Harbor to Tracy Arm Cove. The morning dawned foggy, but with very low tides predicted later in the morning, we had to vacate the dock or risk sitting in the mud. Thankfully, radar, chart plotters, and AIS make navigating in the fog relatively easy, especially when there’s as little traffic as there is here. We only deviated from our course … Read more

Day 33 | Flotilla to Alaska | Couverden Island Cove to Taku Harbor

Although the wind wasn’t quite as gusty as yesterday, we awoke to breezy conditions. The forecast called for 15-20 knot southerlies, and as soon as we left Couverden Island Cove we felt the wind and waves. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. Thankfully, within just a few miles, we crossed a tide line and the conditions improved dramatically! Today’s cruise was uneventful and a bit of a blur. … Read more

Day 31-32 | Appleton Cove to Couverden Island Cove

We got an early start–about 6:00 a.m.–for a longer-than-expected day to Couverden Island Cove. Originally we planned to go to Pavlof Harbor today, about 25 miles south of Couverden Island Cove. The weather forecast called for good traveling weather this morning, but worsening weather beginning in the afternoon and continuing for at least a day, so we decided to go a little further today to a super-secure anchorage and then … Read more

Day 30 | Flotilla to Alaska | Sitka to Appleton Cove

Sitka skies this morning were mostly gray and cloudy, but the wind was light and it wasn’t raining. We left the harbor by about 6:30 a.m., timing our arrival at Sergius Narrows for near slack (9:48a.m.). On the way into Sitka, we’d jockeyed with lots of traffic from Sergius Narrows all the way into town. This time, we enjoyed nearly empty waterways and light traffic. As we continued east in … Read more

Days 28-29 | Flotilla to Alaska | Sitka

Our time in Sitka has been spent visiting museums and restaurants, shopping, riding bikes around town, walking the trail in the Sitka National Historic Park, and just generally getting some off-boat exercise! Oh and also doing chores like laundry, groceries, refilling dinghy fuel and propane, etc. Some of us went back to Beak for brunch on Sunday morning, and shared a few of their fabulous donuts as an appetizer. This … Read more

Day 27 | Flotilla to Alaska | Deep Bay to Sitka

We had spectacular weather today for our 30nm cruise into Sitka — not a cloud to be seen in the bright blue sky. We pulled anchor in Deep Bay around 6:00 a.m., arrived at Sergius Narrows within a few minutes of slack, and had no real current to speak of. Navigating the traffic through Neva Strait and Olga Strait and into Sitka proved more demanding than Sergius Narrows. State ferries, … Read more