Day 27 | Flotilla to Alaska | Deep Bay to Sitka

We had spectacular weather today for our 30nm cruise into Sitka — not a cloud to be seen in the bright blue sky. We pulled anchor in Deep Bay around 6:00 a.m., arrived at Sergius Narrows within a few minutes of slack, and had no real current to speak of. Navigating the traffic through Neva Strait and Olga Strait and into Sitka proved more demanding than Sergius Narrows. State ferries, … Read more

Day 26 | Flotilla to Alaska | Takatz Bay to Deep Bay

After a relaxing, wildlife-rich several days on the east coast of Baranof Island, today we motored eight hours towards Sitka, from Takatz Bay to Deep Bay. Our route leads to progressively smaller bodies of water, from huge Chatham Strait to Peril Strait, and eventually to Sergius Narrows, the bottleneck just west of Deep Bay that can only be transited near slack. Other than a couple photos of the gorgeous light … Read more

Day 34 | Flotilla to Alaska | Deep Bay to Sitka

Thirty-four days after we left the San Juan Islands for our journey up the Inside Passage, we are ready for this last leg of the flotilla into Sitka. It’s been a spectacular trip, and we’re excited and also a little sad to be reaching the end. We’ve had a remarkably smooth transit – with a combination of great luck and good timing on weather windows for the “gates” of the … Read more

Day 33 | Flotilla to Alaska | Takatz Bay to Deep Bay

Today’s cruise from Takatz Bay to Deep Bay was about 53nm. We had great weather again (getting so spoiled!) and the conditions in Chatham Strait were calm. We saw more traffic today than we’ve seen all summer…fish boats, charter yachts, cruise ships, a tug and tow, as well as a few other pleasure boats. We also saw a large number of Dall’s porpoises! They splashed and jumped and surfed our … Read more