Day 16 | Flotilla to Alaska | Lowe Inlet to Kelp Passage

Occasionally we expect a day to be a grind and are pleasantly surprised when it’s not. Like today. Conventional wisdom says that the current in Grenville Channel floods in from both sides and meets in the vicinity of Evening Point. To maximize speed and minimize fuel burn (currents run to four knots!), we’re supposed to ride the end of the flood in, arrive at Evening Point near high water, and … Read more

Day 15 | Flotilla to Alaska | Khutze Bay to Lowe Inlet

Another gorgeous morning! Blue skies and very little wind made the cruise up from Khutze Bay to Lowe Inlet a very pleasant day. Today is another longish cruise (~54nm) through beautiful inside channels. Sunshine improves the view. We spotted a big black bear on shore as we transited Graham Reach. At first it looked like the bear was going to hightail it into the woods before we could get much … Read more

Day 17 | Flotilla to Alaska | Lowe Inlet to Kelp Passage

Today felt like a longish day from Lowe Inlet up Grenville Channel to Kelp Passage. It wasn’t actually that much longer than any other day, it’s that it was a day of gray, rain, fog, and not a lot of scenery or wildlife. Grenville Channel can be a bit boring when the weather is less than stellar and visibility is poor, and today was one of those days. As soon … Read more