Airship | Frederick Sound, Humpbacks, Baird Glacier

We left Red Bluff Bay on Sunday morning and headed across Chatham Strait in beautiful calm conditions. Today’s destination: Pybus Bay on Admiralty Island. We stayed three nights in Pybus Bay (Cannery Cove), primarily to duck out of some weather, but we were also looking forward to relaxing at anchor in the same place for a few days. We spent a lot of time fishing, dinghy exploring, playing music, cooking…the … Read more

Day 19 | Flotilla to Alaska | Pybus Bay to Bay of Pillars

This morning we woke to bits of blue sky and nice calm waters. We departed Pybus Bay and headed for Bay of Pillars on Kuiu Island. We spotted several humpbacks spouting in the distance in Frederick Sound, but nothing very close. Soon after we turned into Chatham Strait, however, we were treated to a group of humpbacks lunge feeding on herring balls. After watching the whales for a bit, we … Read more

Day 18 | Flotilla to Alaska | Thomas Bay to Pybus Bay

We awoke to patchy fog and low clouds in Thomas Bay and departed about 7:00 a.m. Even without yesterday’s sunshine, Thomas Bay is beautiful. We forgot to mention…yesterday evening in Thomas Bay, Julie and David from Dog Star were out in their dinghy watching the shoreline and came across a group of arctic terns. They shared some photos with us to share on the blog! Arctic Terns are known for … Read more

Day 5 | Alaska Flotilla Leg 3 | Gambier Bay to Pybus Bay

We had a short day today so we slept in, pulled crab traps, and eventually motored out of Snug Cove between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. With four people aboard Nereus and several days to go before the next spot to fill the water tanks, Safe Harbour rafted and transferred water before departure. The delay turned out to be serendipitous: as we left Gambier Bay, a small group of orcas blocked … Read more

Day 29 | Flotilla to Alaska | Pybus Bay to Red Bluff Bay

We awoke to the sun peeking through the clouds and light wind, perfect for the 40 mile run to Red Bluff Bay. This trip—through Frederick Sound, around Pt. Gardner, and across Chatham Strait—can be bumpy and miserable when the wind is blowing. We had no wind, no chop, calm seas.  Often we see many whales in this area, but not today. A few boats saw a few spouts, but nothing … Read more

Day 27-28 | Flotilla to Alaska | Petersburg to Pybus Bay

After several days in Petersburg, we were ready to be anchored again. Originally we’d planned to go to Portage Bay, then Pybus Bay the following day. But since Pybus Bay is so much larger and prettier than Portage, we decided to head directly to Cannery Cove in Pybus Bay and spend two nights. The ~50nm cruise up from Petersburg was beautiful: mostly cloudy, occasional heavy rain squalls, glaciers and mountains … Read more

Day 29 | Flotilla to Alaska | Portage Bay to Pybus Bay

The weather today was absolutely gorgeous for our cruise from Portage Bay across to Pybus Bay on Admiralty Island. As we left Portage the fog burned off and the water was glassy smooth for much of our transit. Enroute we saw humpback whales, a large pod of Orcas, seals, and sea lions. But, the big wildlife encounter of the day was Dall’s porpoises! There were so many of them, and … Read more