Day 24 | West Side of Vancouver Island Flotilla | Robbers Passage to Bamfield

We leisurely left the docks at the Port Alberni Yacht Club this morning. Today was another short hop (across Trevor Channel over to Bamfield), and most boats lingered a bit in Trevor Channel to watch the whales. It was gray and rainy this morning, but whales don’t mind. Yesterday we noticed a white stripe on the back of one of the humpbacks, but today with the long lens and little … Read more

Circumnavigating Vancouver Island Flotilla | Day 24 | Robbers Passage to Bamfield

September 12 – We’re starting to analyze the weather for our run in the Strait of Juan de Fuca to Victoria. Based on the current models, it looks like we’ll have a good two days to make the run this weekend, September 15 and 16. With three more days in Barkley Sound, we figured we’d head to Bamfield today, explore a bit, and then head out to Effingham Bay for the … Read more

West Side of Vancouver Island Flotilla | Days 19-20-21 | Bamfield to Sooke Harbour and Victoria

Bamfield to Sooke Harbour is a long cruise–about 73nm. The forecast was wind light, becoming west 10-20 knots in the afternoon, with some fog. We left Bamfield at first light…about 5:30 a.m. The sky (and thus, the water) turned bright pink as we headed out of Trevor Channel. Amazing!  There was a thick fog bank out toward sea, but our cruise was clear and gorgeous! We arrived in Sooke Harbour … Read more

West Side of Vancouver Island Flotilla | Day 18 | Effingham Bay to Bamfield

Airship left Effingham Bay a bit ahead of the group (around 10:00 a.m.) for the 9.5nm cruise to Bamfield. It was foggy leaving Effingham Bay, but it eventually cleared as we got closer to Bamfield. We had reservations for everyone at the government dock on the west side of Bamfield, but there’s no full-time harbormaster to direct boats where to tie up. We thought it would be nice to have … Read more

Bamfield | West Side of Vancouver Island

Bamfield is a tiny town separated into two halves that border Bamfield Inlet. The east side is connected by road to the rest of Vancouver Island. The west side is on Mills Peninsula and is accessible only by boat. All the buildings on the west side are accessed via boardwalks. It’s a charming little town! We tied to the government dock on the west side and took off on foot … Read more