Day 4 | Flotilla to Alaska | Blunden Harbour to Codville Lagoon

This morning feels a bit like deja vu. Didn’t we wake up before the sun yesterday to cruise 80-odd miles? Such is life when transiting BC during COVID. If the weather is safe, we go. The trip around Cape Caution is all about the weather. It’s one of only two places we’re exposed to the full effects of the Pacific Ocean, so even on a calm day we feel some … Read more

Day 10 | Flotilla to Alaska | Fury Cove to Codville Lagoon

We’ve been focused on “gates” since meeting in the San Juans a week and a half ago. First we had the Strait of Georgia, then the next day the rapids and Johnstone Strait, then a few days later Cape Caution. The “gates” are heavily front-loaded on this trip, and it feels good to have four of the five behind us. Now, for the next several hundred miles, as we work … Read more

Day 10 | Flotilla to Alaska | Pruth Bay to Codville Lagoon

Another voluntary early departure! We left Pruth Bay shortly after 7:00 a.m. The water was glassy when we pulled anchor, and by the time we were out in Hakai Passage we were surfing some gentle swells back in toward Fitz Hugh Sound. Codville Lagoon is a scenic, spacious anchorage with a nice hike to Sagar Lake. We were even able to get a weak cellular internet connection here! After we … Read more