Quatsino Sound | West Side of Vancouver Island

Quatsino Sound is the northernmost of the five sounds along the west coast of Vancouver Island. It’s also among the most developed, with many active logging operations and several communities scattered throughout (and good cell phone service!). The run from Sea Otter Cove to Quatsino Sound was easy: no wind, lazy swell. For boaters used to cruising the Inside Passage (including us), being out in the ocean is different. Even … Read more

The Abandoned Cannery at Namu, B.C.

We left Kynumpt Harbour and cruised four nautical miles to Shearwater, where we tied up for a couple hours to do laundry, grocery shopping, and top off the fuel tanks. The grocery store was closed for restocking until 1:00 p.m. (Our lucky day! Fresh produce!) so we took advantage of the new laundry drop-and-fold service ($20 Canadian per load) while we had a late breakfast. With chores done, we headed … Read more

Behm Canal and Misty Fjords

We left Thorne Bay and headed for Ketchikan to catch up on laundry, groceries, etc. and to pick up Kevin and Laura’s 9-year-old granddaughter, Mijonet, for a trip around Behm Canal. The Ketchikan airport is across Tongass Narrows from town. Remember the infamous Bridge to Nowhere? Yep, that was here, and since it was never built, air travellers arriving or departing Ketchikan must take a boat a few hundred yards … Read more

Thorne Bay | Prince of Wales Island

Somehow we’ve always missed Thorne Bay, but this year we were determined to visit. Cruising friends raved about the friendly locals. They were right! As soon as we tied up, Ron, a liveaboard on a neighboring boat, popped over and introduced himself. He gave us directions around town, welcomed us, and asked if we needed help with anything! Thorne Bay is a welcome stop. Some cruising guides warn about strong … Read more

Coffman Cove | Prince of Wales Island

We left Point Baker after breakfast and headed for Coffman Cove. Sumner Strait and Clarence Strait cooperated, and we enjoyed another calm, sunny day on the water, punctuated by a midday whale show at Bay Point. The transient dock at Coffman Cove was full of fish boats when we arrived. Several slips were open, but the harbormaster didn’t respond to our VHF radio calls so we anchored out instead. The … Read more

Port Protection and Point Baker | Prince of Wales Island

We left Hole in the Wall just after 11:00 a.m. Two small communities are within just a few miles: Port Protection and Point Baker. ¬†We decided to make a quick stop at Port Protection to see what was there, then continue on to Point Baker and perhaps spend the night. Port Protection has an Alaska state float (well, it’s barely floating), but it’s not connected to land. Most of the … Read more

Sarkar Cove, El Capitan Pass, Hole in the Wall | Prince of Wales Island

Our first stop north of Klawock was Sarkar Cove. It’s a pretty spot with good holding and protection, but several houses and a high-end fishing lodge make it feel less remote than it otherwise would. The biggest attraction was Sarkar Lake, which flows into Sarkar Cove and looked like a great place to explore by dinghy. Aerial view of Sarkar Cove Unfortunately, we didn’t make it far. Soon after the … Read more

Klawock | Prince of Wales Island

Klawock is about 7 miles by road north of Craig on Prince of Wales Island. Klawock’s early inhabitants were from Tuxekan (a Tlingit winter village to the north), who used Klawock as their summer fishing camp. In 1868, European Americans opened a trading post and a salmon saltery, and in 1878 Klawock was the site of the very first cannery in Alaska.¬†Klawock also has the oldest hatchery in Alaska (sockeye, … Read more