Red King Crab

Airship to Alaska | Day 14 | Khutze Inlet to Hartley Bay

Airship Goes to Alaska 2016 Kevin went out to pull crab traps while I made breakfast. When he got back to Airship, I asked “Did we get anything?” and he replied “Yes?” with kind of a question mark at the end. I went out to the cockpit to see what was up. Turns out we had 5 small Red King Crabs. (We figured that out after a while of digitally … Read more

Gunboat Passage

Airship to Alaska | Day 12 | Ocean Falls to Rescue Bay

Airship Goes to Alaska 2016 Today was the best day of our trip so far. Our alarm went off this morning at 6:30am (I know, but stay with me here.) Time to pull the crab traps! We left the dock and motored over toward the dam, past the sleepy seals. We pulled the first trap and there were quite a few Dungeness in that one. We wanted to be underway … Read more

Airship to Alaska | Day 4 | Lund to Squirrel Cove

Airship Goes to Alaska 2016 We got up early this morning in Lund and headed up to Nancy’s for breakfast (and a couple of blackberry cinnamon rolls to go). Prawn season opened today, so the docks were crowded with prawn traps and buoys being loaded onto fishing boats. We left after breakfast and decided to head up toward Toba Inlet. I snapped a photo of our neighbor’s boat as they headed out … Read more

Airship | Dundas Bay and Flynn Cove, AK

We left Pelican yesterday morning around 7:30am and headed toward Dundas Bay in Glacier Bay National Park. It was sprinkling a little bit, but the sky was clearing and we had a nice view of Brady Glacier underneath a cloud layer as we entered Cross Sound.  Cross Sound was literally swell-less…just a very slight chop. We made our way into Dundas Bay, an unrestricted part of Glacier Bay National Park that … Read more

Airship | Elfin Cove to Pelican

We took our time getting around Wednesday morning in Elfin Cove. Since low tide was early (6am-ish), the flood tide would have been going against us in that narrow, shallow channel so the later we left the better (but probably no big deal either way). We made breakfast, did a little work (the internet was back!) and then walked up to the general store to grab a few things. This … Read more