Day 2 | Flotilla to Alaska | Silva Bay to Pender Harbour

The Strait of Georgia is the first “gate” on our way to Alaska. It’s only a few hours across, but if it’s windy it can be a miserable few hours. We look at a bunch of different forecasts before crossing any of the gates. Most of the time, the forecasts are pretty much in agreement. The trends are the same and predicted wind velocities are similar. For the Strait of … Read more

Day 1 | Flotilla to Alaska | Roche Harbor to Silva Bay

The beautiful weather continues! We awoke this morning to bright sunshine and our group was so excited to get going that we left Roche Harbor by 8:00 a.m. — an hour earlier than originally scheduled. All but one of us has Nexus (the trusted traveler program that lets us clear Canadian customs by phone most of the time), so one boat had to stop and clear customs at Pender Harbour … Read more

Please Don’t Call Me Admiral

Boating is for men. I know. Not the first sentence you expected from me, was it? But hang in there and we’ll have a fun little ride. I started boating for real, with my own boat, in 2014 (in my 40s), but I grew up around sailboats and sailing. My grandfather had a sailboat. Our family friend Conrad had a sailboat. My mom had a sailboat. I spent a lot … Read more

Slowboat at TrawlerFest 2018

Did you miss our seminars at the Seattle Boat Show earlier this year? Well we’re giving you another chance to catch up with us…we’ll be at TrawlerFest 2018 in Bremerton, Washington, just days before we take off with our 2018 Flotilla to Alaska! Trawlerfest runs from May 1 through May 5th, and we’ll be giving three 2-hour seminars on May 1st and 2nd. Seminars will be held at the Kitsap Conference … Read more

Birth of a New Boat | Waypoint 36 from Tomco Marine

It’s difficult to find a high-quality new cruising boat for a reasonable price these days. By and large, the new boats being built are semi-custom – basic configurations with dizzying numbers of custom options that let the customer design exactly the boat of their dreams. Unfortunately, that means enormous amounts of labor to build each boat by hand, almost from scratch – and that means big bucks. Such big bucks, … Read more

Airship | Hood Canal

We’ve cruised Hood Canal in Airship before, and although it’s a long body of water with not many of what we’d call “destination anchorages”, there’s still quite a bit to see and do, especially when the weather is nice. We left Pleasant Harbor on Friday morning and cruised the 21nm or so down to the “Great Bend” and found space on the dock at the Hood Canal Marina (same ownership … Read more

Airship | Cruising Puget Sound and Hood Canal

The Slowboat team had a very successful Seattle Boat Show this year. All of our seminars were well-attended and we got to connect with new and old friends. Plus: boats!!! Airship left Seattle on Monday and headed over to Blake Island for some hiking and relaxing. It was nice to be back at Blake Island, but I think I like it better in the snow! We left Blake Island on … Read more

Slowboat at the 2018 Seattle Boat Show

January 26 – February 3, 2018 The Slowboat team will be presenting ten different free seminars at the 2018 Seattle Boat Show.  We are excited to once again share our experience and expertise with the boat show crowd to help you have a richer, safer, more satisfying cruising experience.  In addition to leading flotillas up the Inside Passage to Alaska every summer, each member of our crew brings more specific … Read more